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Review 2012-03-07

Do you still remember the hit song of 2011 sang Pitbull and Marc Anthony – Rain over me? Well, the main and most important inspiration for that song was taken from flashing golden showers that come out of the juicy and honey pussy holes! Why the fuck you don’t believe my words? Just try some pissing pleasure and you will feel that pleasure that comes from the first drop of urine dropped on your face! Just don’t try to doubt me wasting your time and do what are told! But, please don’t ask me if I tried it or not… Are you still waiting for unbelievable and wetting showers? So here you go, Pee Hunters are here for you! Tons of cuties and rivers of pissing! Oh, yeah baby, that’s what we were waiting for! Website with fresh and yummy pissing is ready to drive you crazy! By the way, chicks are damn hot too, I’m sure you’ll like them!

Here we come for the website itself too… Open the main page and you will be amazed with beauty and charm of flourish elements. Attractiveness and clearness is expressed well! But to tell you the truth, this world of Pee Hunters doesn’t look so nice and appetizing inside of the members’ zone as you are expecting from seeing index page. Design elements are quite poor and little creativity is shown through the work of designer. First impression I got that website’s face-page was designed by someone different, who designed pages of member zone. However who cares about design of pages, while the content presented here is fucking mind-blasting! Bunch of awesome girls, which are considered as “not your regular girl”, are posing half or totally naked in front of the cameras. However it’s not all about their poses and exposed bodies, but juicy pussies that piss in all unexpected places and times. As an example, just imagine some eye- striking chick is standing naked in the middle of bridge that is crossing hundreds of tourists and thousands of residents. Most of our babes are amateur Russians, but we got some other ladies from places too! But let me tell you, guys, these sluts know how to keep your eyes on them! These flashing bitches are similar to professional seducers, who require only several minutes to make you fall in love with them!

Like all other porn website around the internet that are divided into two main parts: video and photos. After entering member’s zone, you will find separated buttons for watching videos and photos. Let’s stop discussing videos for while and get closer to high-resolution images of sweet girls. All the photos presented here are separated into two main categories: INDOOR and OUTDOOR! I know that you guys are not dump idiots, so I hope that you already know about INDOOR category and its shoots taken under the roofs, and outdoors include the places that are not struggled in between of walls! Every babe that is featuring as a peeing star here got her own photo sets captured in various places, starting from the forest areas of rural territory and cozy rooms of a busy cities. Site is offering 362 pissing photos sets, which include 23 959 exclusive photos that aren’t seen on any other websites! Every photo set consists from 40 up to 100+ images. Some of them got even more than 200 images in a single set. No matter how desperate fan of peeing and flushing you are, almost 24 thousand pictures should be enough for the first time!

If somehow you will feel yourself bored from watching still images, you can tease your eyes with 441 motion pictures that clearly depict and demonstrate pissing of adorable ladies. In a perspective of finding astonishing chicks and making them unforgettable peeing – Pee Hunters have overcome my expectations! These are not just girls, these are angles! Every page contains about 20 sets of peeing movies, while each of them has minimum one video, while others got up to 6 parts. I won’t say that every captured video is in HD quality, but resolution of motion pictures is high enough to see everything clearly and be able to differentiate tiny details. Size of shared part video varies from 100 megabytes until 400 megabytes each.

We have already discussed about types of the content provided, let’s get closer how all those beauties. As I already mentioned about the design of member zone, you won’t be pleased with that. But dozens of small and tiny elements, such as sorting videos and pictures according to certain parameters, will let you forget about terrifying colors horrible design. I couldn’t understand in the begging after getting into the members’ zone, because this one and main page are totally different. Perhaps the website is under upgrade right now… But who knows?! Do you know? After getting inside and becoming a truthful member, you will get access to several other websites that contain exclusive peeing content too! Total you will get a free access to 12 other websites. Isn’t it good enough? Procedures of payment are like regular ones, but you have more choice for period of subscription. Starting from 2 days up until one year access! Just recently there was a promotion price, which was having 45% reduced priced. It’s fucking good attractive offer, but we are fucking late!

Conclusion! Conclusion can decide the future life of particular website. Do you remember that I am not keen on giving marks? As the finalizing point of my whole review, I would tell you that this site really deserve some attention of yours. As long as you are big fan of peeing and got some mania on golden showers, then Pee Hunters would be the good choice for entertaining your time and fulfilling your dirty desires! Hunt down your peeing beauty!


Pee Hunters




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